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Car Rear View Mirror Anti-glare Mirror Auto Reverse Back Parking Reference Rear Mirrors Wide Angle Interior Mirror car-styling

Product Parameters:
Product Name: large-view anti-glare rear view mirror
Product Specification: about 290 * 70mm titanium plated curved mirror
Product Curvature: 1300-1400 degrees
Product Frame: heat-resistant ABS
Product Color: black frame

Product Advantages:
It expands the view, reduces the dead corner and prevents the glare and dazzle. It is easy to install and remove.
Back of the lens is stuck with imported anti-scattering double-sided adhesive to ensure that debris does not fall even if the lens crashes, thus ensuring driving safety.
Lens reflection imaging standard is guaranteed through curvature, reflectivity and pressure resistance test. It does not distort or deform.

Product Features:
It expands the vision scope for driving.
High-quality alloy surface coating reduces the scene distortion to avoid visual dizziness.
Anti-scattering safety device prevents the mirror from hurting people due to the debris.
It can be installed to the conventional endoscopy easily. It is suitable for almost all the vehicles thanks to its compact shape design.

Installation Method:
Pull up the upper end of the back sliding clamp and fix it to the car’s original rear view mirror.

Product List:
Large-view anti-glare rear view mirror * 1


326 reviews for Car Rear View Mirror

  1. HOME

  2. alfiesee

  3. Kelton chua

  4. Justin Lim

  5. Xie Zijian

  6. Utama

  7. Brant Chee


  8. James Ong

    Not too bad for the price

  9. Esther Koh

  10. Walter Ting

    Comimg in a nice packaging and fast delivery from this supplier. But the delivery guy i do not how he confirm his order chit because he should contact me for the conformation number. Customer can be mend saying never recieve or so. Just hope that this supplier can feedback to shop

    Image #1 from Walter Ting
  11. Chan Guan Xiong

  12. Siraaj Anwar

    Quite good. Only complaint is middle part of mirror is not glued back in properly into the frame. However mirror still functional and view is panaromic

    Image #1 from Siraaj Anwar
  13. Ng Zhao Feng

    Item was as per describe. Delivery was fast and fuss free. Will recommend to others

  14. yong kek soon


  16. KenKor

    Perfect and delivery is fast.

    Image #1 from KenKor
  17. J FAISAL

    Fast delivery. Tks.

  18. Michael Ng

    very good. can check left blind spot from rear view mirror

  19. Nurhuda Ja’afar

    Very fast delivery! Thank u seller!

    Image #1 from Nurhuda Ja’afar
    Image #2 from Nurhuda Ja’afar
    Image #3 from Nurhuda Ja’afar
  20. Koh kian meng kevin

    Look dark but really anti-glare.

  21. Jonas koh

  22. Brandon Mark Ng


  23. James C

    super good! thanks

  24. Zac liu

    bluish mirror, yet to fix up. the clip is attached with spring. should be able to hold on tightly.

    Image #1 from Zac liu
  25. Serene Lim

    Item came as advertised. One of my value buys.

  26. Liew kai lok

  27. Zr

  28. Lesie Gorrie

  29. Kellen Goh

    V fast delivery so far still not used to the blue colour

  30. Louis Sim

    Ordered on 4th Nov and received on 6th Nov in bubble wrap in good conditions.
    Attached photo is the actual product comparison with my old mirror.

    Image #1 from Louis Sim
  31. KC Goh

    Very fast delivery. Package was packed nicely with protective bubble bag. Good.

  32. Andy

    Nice. And fast delivery.👍👍👍

    Image #1 from Andy
  33. Edwin Toh

    Item received. Will be opening for use soonest

  34. Romeo Ashraff

    Image #1 from Romeo Ashraff
  35. Andrew khoo

  36. Muhammad Fadzulie

    Love it.. Fast delivery.. Item was sealed nicely.. Well recommended

    Image #1 from Muhammad Fadzulie
  37. Bell jo

    Fast delivery thanks

  38. Wendy Tan

    Fast delivery; hubby is happy with it.

    Image #1 from Wendy Tan
  39. Sholaion Sankar Natarasa

    Received in good condition.

  40. Koh Yi Ai

    Fast delivery and efficient seller! Item was well wrapped up. Mirror is tinted and clear, no scratches. Wide screen view. Good item!

    Image #1 from Koh Yi Ai
    Image #2 from Koh Yi Ai
    Image #3 from Koh Yi Ai
  41. Kelvin Tan

  42. Andy Gan

    Item received in excellent condition. Wide enough for have a good view. Super fast delivery too. Will buy again from seller. Thanks a lot.

    Image #1 from Andy Gan
  43. Nizam

    Ordered come the the next working day. Packing was good. Will definitely order from them again.

    Image #1 from Nizam
  44. Derick Tay

    Received in good condition. Product was wrapped in thick bubble wrap and delivery was fast

    Image #1 from Derick Tay
  45. Ethan Ore

    reduce glare of high beams.
    darker and has effect that cars behind are closer due to concave mirror

  46. Ashraf

  47. Stanley Foo


    Item receive in very good condition. Very easy to mount and the wide view was fantastic.

  49. Edwin

  50. Peter Mark Ng

  51. Meiman

    Fast delivery. Well received


  53. Jacky Cheung

    Very fast delivery.

    Image #1 from Jacky Cheung
  54. Halimi Hassan

    Item received just now from courier. Packed neatly in a bubble wrap bag. Condition of product ok. Thanks

    Image #1 from Halimi Hassan
  55. Muhammad Ridhwan Bin Akhir Jaafa

    Very fast delivery. Ordered on Saturday night. Received on Monday morning. Item is good quality 👍👍👍

  56. Laughing Leung

    Image #1 from Laughing Leung
    Image #2 from Laughing Leung
  57. Ethan Phua

  58. Jacqueline

  59. Syn

    Delivery by courier. Comes with spring adjustable latch to attach to current. Needs adjustment to curve vision.

    Image #1 from Syn
    Image #2 from Syn
  60. Jeremy Teo

  61. Alvin Yong

  62. Bobby Toong

    Very fast delivery and received in good condition. Looks like a top notch mirror, very clear view and good angle. Nice!

    Image #1 from Bobby Toong
  63. Iskandar

  64. Lim Jun Jie

    Item received in good condition with good amount of bubble wrap.


    Item received in good condition !!! Quite fast delivery !!!

  66. Alfred Chua

  67. Rosnah

    5 star.
    Fast delivery.Ordered on Sun received today.
    Good product highly recommended.

    Thank you seller.

  68. Sunny

  69. Lau Yong Hui

    Mirror have slight chip

  70. Piggymama

    Fast delivery.

  71. Wendy Loh

  72. Azmi

  73. Mark Koh

    Item received in good condition. Fast delivery. Thanks seller.

  74. Zulkifli Mohd Ismail

  75. Shaifful Saad

  76. Tan Shi Chang

    Order and received item promptly. One of the fastener at the back rusty.

    Image #1 from Tan Shi Chang
  77. Lucas Tan

    Received in perfect condition!

    Image #1 from Lucas Tan
  78. Muhammad Yusuf

  79. Zhuo Hongda

    Delivery is quite fast

  80. Vincent Sim

  81. Roger Goh

    Fast delivery! Got this and realized some petrol kiosk selling the same!

    Image #1 from Roger Goh
  82. Hazman

  83. Muhammad Hafiz


  85. Lim Chee Keong

  86. Xac Teng

    Ordered on 2/5 received on 4/5. Fast delivery and product is well protected with ample bubble roll! 👍🏼

  87. James Ong Jian Chen

  88. Freddy

    Good mirror flat ones and wide, super fast local deluceey as well

  89. Abdul Jafar

  90. Alan Soh Jun Yuan


  91. Azizan Azhar

    Quality looks good, can’t wait to install in my car. Always appreciate a good sized mirror so that I’m able to see better. Satisfied! 🙂

    Image #1 from Azizan Azhar
  92. Joseph Fong

    Very fast delivery and well bubble wrap! Product as per description. Thanks seller!

  93. Home

  94. Adam Chua

  95. Amy Leow

    Received item in good packaging. Thank you.

  96. Phua Wee Meng

    Fast delivery and looks good

  97. Shawn Tan


  99. MARCUS.

    Item received as shown, fast delivery. Received within next day. (:

  100. Vincent Tan

  101. Taufiq

  102. SEOW ZI HAO

  103. Jenny Chong

    Item received in good condition. The seller wrapped it nicely with bubble wrap.

    Image #1 from Jenny Chong
    Image #2 from Jenny Chong
    Image #3 from Jenny Chong
  104. Suresh

  105. Queenie Ting

    Wide view mirror. Quite like it. Recommended product. Good!

    Image #1 from Queenie Ting
  106. Steve Tee

  107. Tan Boon Pian

  108. Siddique

  109. Ray Heng

    Very fast delivery. Within a few days. Nicely wrap and pack. Yet to fix. Hope the mirror will not drop off like the one which I had previously purchased from elsewhere.

    Image #1 from Ray Heng
    Image #2 from Ray Heng
    Image #3 from Ray Heng
    Image #4 from Ray Heng
  110. He Junhao

    Image #1 from He Junhao
  111. Aung Soe Min

  112. Iffah Hazwan

    Item received in good condition and thank you for the fast delivery!

    Image #1 from Iffah Hazwan
  113. Syasya

  114. Quek Jing Yun

    Item well received, fast delivery!
    Yet to try it but hope it works fine


    Image #1 from Quek Jing Yun
  115. Goh Choon Hee

    Item received as described

  116. hadri

  117. Michael Bok

  118. Mohd Fahmi

  119. Aimee

    Quick delivery and nice mirror

  120. Dalilaty

    Received the item early than expected. Excellence service. Thank you.

  121. Ash Li

    Fast delivery looks good. Bubbled wrap for better protection is a good plus. Thank you seller. Highly recommended

    Image #1 from Ash Li
    Image #2 from Ash Li
    Image #3 from Ash Li
    Image #4 from Ash Li
    Image #5 from Ash Li
  122. Xavier Ng

  123. Chang Jun Kai

  124. Tan Jian Qiang

  125. Zizue

    Securely packed! Fast delivery

  126. Eric Leong

    Item well packed and fast delivery.

  127. Jeremy Tan

  128. Gan Kim siang

  129. Indra

  130. Herman

  131. WeiLi

  132. Jasper toh

  133. john wong

  134. Amirul Afiq

  135. Mervyn Lim

    Fast delivery.. yet to try on my car. Hopefully it can fit…..

  136. Azlifah Ali

  137. Marcushuam

    Power mirror

  138. Lim Jian Wen Jasper

    Fast delivery and well packed!

  139. Toey Teo

  140. Ivan ng

  141. Allen Chung

    Received in good condition. Thank you for the fast delivery…

  142. Sharlin Tan

    Product not bad, recommend for all


    received good ,fast delivery

  144. Tan Yang Hwee

    Very fast and efficient delivery, will fixed it in the car soon.

  145. Gary Tan

  146. Kenneth Goh

    Received yesterday and mounted the mirror this morning. Fitted well. Thank you for the fast delivery.

  147. May

    Item received in good condition ,very fast delivery .Will buy again👍👍👍👍

  148. Nurul Irna

  149. Patrick Tan

    Good quality, as good as those selling 30 bucks or same product at big accessories shop.

  150. Patrick Chu

  151. Sunny chua

  152. Eric Tan

    Exactly what I am looking for. Fast delivery too 👍👍👍👍👍

    Image #1 from Eric Tan
    Image #2 from Eric Tan
  153. lau choong kit

  154. Victor Chua

  155. Jonathan Liu

    Mirror is good to eliminate blind spots on left side of car. However curve screen distorts the image so you can get dizzy when trying to focus on it.

  156. Candy

    Ordered on 25 Oct 2021, received on 27 Oct 2021. Received in good condition. Easy to install too. Made in China. Quality okay, no scratches on surface.

    Image #1 from Candy
  157. Shakinah

  158. Rachel Ng

    Item received in good order and fast delivery. Seller is friendly, helpful and responsive.

  159. Ammar

  160. Alvin

    Really fast delivery. Received the product almost the next day. Came bubble wrap and well protected. Can’t wait to use it!!

    Image #1 from Alvin
  161. Bronson

  162. Khong Ming

  163. Muhd Hilmi

  164. Jason Poh

  165. lee tiong da

  166. Lionel Low

    Fst delivery, well packed.

  167. Edmund Fong

  168. Chan Bao Sponge

    Item received about a days time. Like it very much. Easy to install as well. Thank you seller for explaining both mirror use.

  169. Samuel S Suburamaniyam

    Was well packed and delivered. Very good quality and impressed with the quick delivery.

    Image #1 from Samuel S Suburamaniyam
    Image #2 from Samuel S Suburamaniyam
    Image #3 from Samuel S Suburamaniyam
    Image #4 from Samuel S Suburamaniyam
  170. Alex Goh

  171. Mohammad Syamil

  172. Jin Chen

    Received the package pretty quick, fits well and great quality . Will order more if needed

  173. Azzeed

    Good quality mirror

    Image #1 from Azzeed
  174. Zack Lee

  175. Noorman Mubarak

  176. Siti Rabbiatun

    Delivery was fast. Item well protected with bubble wrap. Mirror looks good, but have not fix it yet.

    Image #1 from Siti Rabbiatun
  177. Sarish Kumar

  178. Jaffar

  179. CK House

  180. Alvin Chen

    Superb fast delivery. Item received in thick bubble wrap, no damage. Will test out if it is comfortable.

    Image #1 from Alvin Chen
  181. Chunyan


    Great buy. 24HR delivery. Perfect packaging and great looking mirror.

    Image #1 from JEROME P NAVOA JR
    Image #2 from JEROME P NAVOA JR
    Image #3 from JEROME P NAVOA JR
  183. Vivonne

    Received in good condition ! Fast delivery! Mirror look nice!

    Image #1 from Vivonne
    Image #2 from Vivonne
  184. Tee Kok Kiong

    Well received.

  185. Ashok Kumar

  186. Patrick Foo

  187. Alvin Loh

  188. Willow

  189. Benny Loh

  190. Mark Teo

    Item received within 2 days. The image in the mirror seems to be smaller

    Image #1 from Mark Teo
  191. Doncartel

  192. Zheng Rencong

    Great product. Loooks and feel premium. Glad that it made it before cny. One day delivery

  193. David Darren

    Fast delivery. Value for money.

    Image #1 from David Darren
  194. Wenlii

  195. Carolyn Tan


  196. Ang Ding Jie

  197. Malek Misuari Bin Mazlan

  198. Tan Cheng Chuan

  199. Steven Siah

    Very well pack by seller… 👍👍👍Thank you

  200. Max Ng

  201. Eddie Phua

  202. Sam Tey

  203. Shaik Muhammad Shameer

  204. Lim En Jing

  205. Elson Yip

    Item was delivered within 2 days of purchase. Came bubblewrapped like this

    Image #1 from Elson Yip
  206. Subra


  207. Kwok sau kit

  208. Kenny

  209. Lincoln

    Quick shipping and excellent packaging. Easy to install on the car as well with the adjustable clips. Thanks!

    Image #1 from Lincoln
    Image #2 from Lincoln
  210. Karun

  211. Phoa Koon Long

    Super duper fast delivery. Ordered on Sunday received on Tuesday! Very good quality and very useful too!

  212. Alvin Lee

    Speedy delivery and nicely packed. Have clip on my current mirror and is what it mentioned. Wide view of the rear mirror.

    Image #1 from Alvin Lee
    Image #2 from Alvin Lee
    Image #3 from Alvin Lee
    Image #4 from Alvin Lee
  213. Suhairi mansor

    Delivery was very quick. Packaging was very good.

  214. Vincent Ho

    Fast delivery and nice quality


    Fast delivery and easy to install. Tried, and it worthy the price.

  216. Mohammed Shahrin Bin Mohamed Sal

  217. Lee Kai Xiang

  218. Azman

  219. Hafiz M

    Nice view.

  220. Sulaiman Md Rian

  221. Daniel Kong

  222. Fok Kok Chen

  223. Peter yong

  224. Ang

  225. Xavier

  226. Edward ang

  227. Frederick Tan

    fast delivery and good quality

  228. Dennis Ong

  229. Salim

  230. Caleb Chua

  231. Roger chua

    Well wrapped with bubble wrap and received in good condition

  232. Yusof Masri

  233. Ronda Chua

    The blue tint is really good with anti glare. Came very well package too. Good quality

  234. Muhammad Syahiid

  235. Loretta Lau

    Good product.


  237. Vinayagam


  239. Rosli Ahmad

  240. Tham Kok Seng

    Looked good. Useful and worth the value. Fast delivery. Thanks.

    Image #1 from Tham Kok Seng
  241. Andy

  242. Nur Siti Khatijah

    Bought it because cannot stand the glaring from vehicles behind. Help tremendously. Highly recommend for that purpose

    Image #1 from Nur Siti Khatijah
    Image #2 from Nur Siti Khatijah
  243. Wilson Koo

  244. joann

  245. Dr Khalifi

  246. Afni

  247. Chiang kai khong

  248. Rashid

  249. james

  250. Elmos

  251. Tang Chee Hoe

  252. Javier

  253. j******g

    Fast delivery.. hopefully it works..

  254. J******n

    So far so good

  255. F******g

  256. Sharfudeen Shah

  257. Zay

  258. Adrian Lim

  259. Rajesh S dhillon

  260. Angelyn Ong

    Not too bad. It’s wide angle but the blue is a bit too dark tinted

  261. Janis Chua

    Appearance:Very fast delivery, good quality highly recommended

  262. Ray Ray

    5 stars

  263. Edmund

  264. Abdul Rahim Manop

  265. Brandon

    Nice product

  266. Eunice Tan

  267. M******r

    Item received with thanks!!…..great quality!!.. will get more in the near future!! Thanks!

  268. Fitzhugh

  269. Genevieve

    Fast delivery and surprised to see the parcel’s wrapped with bubble wrap. Great buy!

  270. Lester

    the view is wider 👍👍


    Product was well protected for delivery. Delivery was fast as well. Very happy with the purchase.

  272. Kelvin Lim

  273. Angeline Ang


    Product was shiped out fast and delivery was fast 2. 2nd time buying it. Overall very happy with the purchase.

  275. Kugan S/o Panchalingam

  276. Mark


    Bought the mirror, the product is excellent as I need to drive in the day time the glaring was greatly reduced

    Driving at night the mirror will reduced the glaring from the car headlights behind the car

  277. GAN ZHU REN


  278. chong ten yeu

  279. Home

  280. Wong JP

    Appearance:Great wide angle with anti glare features
    Suitability:Great. Easy to install

    Fast shipment with great packaging.

  281. Kenneth Kuick

  282. Muhammad Taufiq

  283. Pamela

  284. Kelvin Ng

  285. Manoaj Mohan

    Well packed and quick delivery, nice!! Item was as specified and accurate.

  286. Lip Pak Seng

  287. Liew Siew Chuan

  288. Vijay Kumar


    Too dark…need to be careful while driving at night…

  289. Irsyad Danial

  290. Tony

    Suitability:easy install

    Very big and nice mirror, good and easy to install.

  291. Eric


    Lights dim down a bit. Packaging is good. Delivery is fast.

  292. Muhammad Saddam Salisu

  293. Ed Chua

    Nice product

  294. charles koh

  295. Simon

  296. Ken wong

  297. Patrick Tay

    Appearance:As advertised

    Product was delivered promptly. Ordered on Friday and received the following Tuesday. Can attached securely on existing rear mirror in car. Packaging was good as it was wrapped securely using bubble wrap


  299. Wei Seong

    Image #1 from Wei Seong
  300. Razif Saleh

    Good and fast shipping delivery. Hopefully it will last. Ok

    Image #1 from Razif Saleh
  301. Grace Leow

  302. Aloysius Chua


    Have not opened product but looks to be in good condition and well packed by seller. Can’t wait to fit this on my car and try it out.

    Image #1 from Aloysius Chua

    Good product

    Image #1 from IVAN SEET BIN MOHD SEET
    Image #2 from IVAN SEET BIN MOHD SEET
    Image #3 from IVAN SEET BIN MOHD SEET
  304. Sanddev

    Image #1 from Sanddev
    Image #2 from Sanddev
  305. JIE

    Image #1 from JIE
  306. zackary kok

  307. Ramona

  308. Vanessa

  309. Doreen

  310. Azlan

  311. Muhammad Fariz


    Seller shipped out almost immediately. Item arrived fast. Product is of good quality. Very happy with the purchase. Thank you seller

    Image #1 from Muhammad Fariz
    Image #2 from Muhammad Fariz
  312. Iswandi

  313. David Lim

    Image #1 from David Lim
  314. NI


    Serves its purpose. Good stuff thank you seller

    Image #1 from NI
  315. Ronald Lai


    Fast delivery. Good product. Will recommend to friends. Thank you seller.

    Image #1 from ANDIQ MUZZAMMIL
  317. Ng Hong Chye

  318. Goh Chin Hao

  319. Maisarah

  320. Jasnny62

    Suitability:nt try yet


    Fast delover. Good packing

    • Daniel Teo (store manager)

      Fast deliver. Good packing

  322. Kenneth Oon

    Super Fast Delivery from Seller. Thank you

  323. Jacqueline

    Need to get use to it. Vision smaller by 20%. Door Delivery is quite fast.

  324. Md Dzulkarnaen

  325. Kyawt Kyawt San

    Is a clip on over the original mirror n it works well

    Image #1 from Kyawt Kyawt San

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 29.0 × 7.0 × 5.0 cm

300 mm Curve, 300mm Flat

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