Car Liquid Ceramic Coating Spray

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SPARKLE PRO™ Car Liquid Ceramic Coating Spray is also known as nano coating spray, is a 9H hardness ceramic coating spray that not only keeps your car body shine but also provides a layer of protection against UV sun light, acidic rain, aging, environment dust and scratches.

Key Features:

  • 9H hardness coating provides strong protection against sunlight, rain and scratches.
  • Super hydrophobic glass coating so that body does not trapped water droplets when it rains.
  • Easy to apply and applicable to all bodywork at anytime and anywhere.
  • Improve car body shine brightness and hydrophobic effect.
  • Saves you a lot of maintenance costs and time, you can quickly clean the car.

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Car Liquid Ceramic Coating Spray
  • Material: Nano materials such as polysiloxane
  • Hardness: 9H hardness
  • Coating thickness: 30um
  • Gloss: Excellent high gloss effect, similar to mirror gloss
  • Anti-corrosion: PH tolerance: PH2-12
  • Heat resistance: Up to 760 degrees
  • Consumption: 30ML x2 (per usage).  For 500ml bottle, this means can use up to 10x.
  • Bottle size: 500ml & 100ml





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  • Avoid applying ceramic coating under direct sunlight, instead choose a cool place.  This will help to prevent the ceramic coating from drying too fast which will leave a water stain mark.
  • Clean the car body before applying the coating.  Car can be washed or just simply wipe down to remove dust on the body.  You do not want such dust or else in applying the coating it may introduce new scratches.
  • Wipe the car dry before applying coating.
  • Plan your coating sequence, suggest to start with the roof, then the front, follow by both sides and the back.
  • Get ready wax sponge and micro-fiber cloth.
  • Apply only a thin layer of ceramic coating using the wax sponge or micro-fibre cloth. Use a micro-fiber cloth to buff the coating over the car body in up-down and left-right direction.
  • Give it about 5 to 10 minutes to dry after coating.
  • Check the coating and if requires a second layer of coating, repeat the same step.
  • Do not wash car within 24 hours to let the coating fully cured on the car body.


Important Notes:

Most of the time by applying the ceramic coating, the car body is able to become shiny quickly.  However there are some situations where even applying a few times of the coating the car body still cannot provide a satisfactory shine.   Below are some reasons why the coating may not help.

  • There car body wax and clear coat has already been damaged.  This will required some repairs.  You can check out our blog on tips to repair such damages.
  • Car body has severe oxidation on the car body.  This will require you to remove the oxidation layer first before applying the coating.  Oxidation is a common thing due to environment factors.

390 reviews for Car Liquid Ceramic Coating Spray

  1. Quiambao Aristedes

    Received the item as advertised, just tried to test on the screen of my iPhone and Ipad. Works excellent! Definitely will try on my Car. Thanks

  2. CK LIM

  3. Alan see

    Item come nicely and delivery was promptly. Yet to try the coating effect, hoped will be good

  4. Isaac Ng

  5. Samuel Boh

    Received items in good condition. Applied it to the car bonnet and shined instantly using the micro fibre cloth tank comes free. A good buy to keep the car bright and shiny

  6. Jim koh yang

  7. Natasha

    the bottle was wet and leaking when i received it.

  8. Alvin Cheng

    Delivered as scheduled. Comes with free cloth

  9. Desmond Yap

    Fast delivery

  10. Simon Choo

  11. Sam Tan

  12. J FAISAL

    Fast delivery and well packed. Comes with the microfibre cloth. Thank you.

  13. Mohd Yusof

    item received in good condition

  14. Avern yeeyongsheong

  15. Patrick Liang

    Very fast delivery, packing can be better, hope it work, will purchase more if it work.

  16. Sham

    Item received. It comes with a fibre cloth as well. Thanks Seller. Hopefully the results are Good. 👍

  17. Bernard Lim

    Delivery was quick. Each bottle comes with a spray nozzle and a free cleaning cloth. Recommended ! Thanks !

  18. Jadon Ang

    Received in good condition ,yet to try it.

  19. Wendy won

  20. Saraphina Lim

  21. Alexavier

  22. XP Aw

    Delivery was fast but yet to try product due to constant rain. Hope it works as advertised

  23. ZUL

  24. Isaac Mohamed

  25. Wu Haihan

    Received in good and have a towel in the package

  26. Weisoon

  27. Simon Sim

  28. William Jack Lim Sin Seng

    Received in good order

  29. Tom Cheng (Blk258)

    Item received. Comes with free cloth. Yet to try product but hopes it really works

  30. Voon

    Fast delivery

  31. Bencasperlim Bencasperlim

  32. Ong Wei Ting

    Item was delayed for a day but seller was responsive. Great that it comes with cloth.

  33. Poh yuan feng

    Hope this works. Delivery was quite fast dou.

  34. Yip Whye Seng

  35. NOR (ACMA LTD)

  36. Tung Hoe Liew

    Happy with the delivery time line. Have not use yet.

  37. Ng Kuo chiang

    Item well packed and yet to use it.

  38. Wong Fook Loon

  39. Linda Toh

  40. Nelson

    Yet to try. Fast delivery

  41. Samsudin Muda

  42. Vincent LI

  43. Rick Ng

    Super quick delivery.

  44. Tan Kuan Hwa

  45. Kem Ye Yang

    Fast delivery. Items received but yet to try.

  46. Jeremywhg

  47. Ryan Lieu

  48. Shu Xiang

  49. Chong

  50. Angeline Lee

    Received item shortly after ordered but yet to use it. Hope it works as advertised.

  51. Harry

  52. Melvin Ge

    Item well received in good order and well packaged too thanks for the fast delivery

  53. Hsu Yee Soon

  54. Michael Ong

    Helps car to shine after coating. Thank you.

    Image #1 from Michael Ong
  55. Jem Chua

  56. Megumi

    Fast delivery and item received in good condition! 🙂

  57. Jason Lum

    Haven’t use on my bike but I guess should work well to protect the paint work…

  58. Theresa

  59. Cheryl Tan

    Very fast delivery, and thankfully very nicely packed….. But the deliveryman just threw it in front of my door. A**** for seller, not for the deliveryman.

  60. Johnson Cheng

    Good product. Sponge could be provided to help application. But was not.

  61. Lee Kwang Hann

    Item recvd. Nicely packed. Came with Free Cloth. Tku

  62. Andrew Teo

  63. Irene Wang

  64. Jonathan Oh (Malca-Amit)

    Items well received. The spray works perfectly! Will get more in the future! Coating is neat and nice

    Image #1 from Jonathan Oh (Malca-Amit)
  65. Ronald Toh

    Items were securely packed for shipment & delivery was prompt. Have yet to try & hope it works well as advertised.

  66. Keline Heng

  67. Kenneth Tan

  68. Gavin Neo

  69. Fred Low

    fast delivery. well pack
    5 stars to seller

    Image #1 from Fred Low
  70. Keith

    Received product well packed with air bubble wrap. No leak with a free cloth. Yet to try, hope it works well.

  71. Zhu Jianzhong

    Received with proper packing. Looks good but have not tried yet

  72. Andrew chai

    Fast delivery 👍👍👍👏👏👏

  73. Testing

    Item received in good condition

  74. Sam Yacob

    Very Good !!

  75. Ben Soh

    Item received thank fir the fast delivery

  76. Hubert

  77. Stanley liow

    Very good. Will recommend

  78. Lim Jet Hong

    The item delivered in great condition with bubble wrapped. Looking forward to using it in my car.

  79. Adrian koh

    Fast transaction package received Thanks

  80. MuhdTaib

  81. Lee wei ming

  82. William

    The coating seems to be smooth and nice. Not sure how long it will last for each application.

  83. David Liew

  84. Majuri Yatim

  85. Farhan Ahmad

    Nice. Fast. Well packaged. Item as described. Fast delivery. Recommended

    Image #1 from Farhan Ahmad
  86. Henry lim

  87. ktbktb

    Order on 11 received on 13 Aug …fast delivery. Package came very well packed with bubble wrap. Test it out today… amazing ..easy application..hope the shine can last. Quality product at reasonable price..worth a try.

    Image #1 from ktbktb
    Image #2 from ktbktb
    Image #3 from ktbktb
  88. Irene

    Fast delivery. Haven use. But item is well packed.

  89. Muhamad Afnan

  90. Dion Lim

  91. Dave

  92. Alex Tan Thiam Hoe

    Fast delivery and shipping. Fast and efficient and easy to use. Good quality product for cars. Would recommend product

  93. Mohamed jasni bin bahrom

  94. Miranda R

    Fast delivery and well protected with bubble plastic. Product received as described and yet to try. Thanks seller. Recommend

  95. Howard

    Fast delivery, receive within 3 days after purchase, thanks seller

  96. jasper chan

  97. Saini bin hamid

    V.happy wth the packing , received wth good condition, if its work surely order again…thxs so much👍👍👍

  98. Chew Heng Teck

    Order received in order. Yet to try. Thanks

  99. Lavender lum

    Super fast delivery! . Well packaged . No leakage , free cloth , thank you seller 🙂 super recommend

  100. Vincent Tan

  101. Loke Kum Seng

    Good package wrapping when arrived. Will try it over the weekend. While searching for instructions on how to apply the product online, alamak! came across Lazada selling it at a lower price by 1/3. Hope it work as claimed to make up for the price difference 😅

  102. Dom ng

  103. Jasper toh

  104. Mohd Yazid

  105. Lim kok hing

  106. Vincent Choa

  107. Chloe Chai

    Super fast delivery! Ordered on Thu and received it on Saturday! Highly recommended!

  108. Jason Tan chin huat

    Item arrived in good packing. Product look exclusive but yet to try on effect

  109. Mark Wong

  110. Reguanathan Kaliappan Regu

    Thank you

  111. Tom Ang

  112. Jason Chua

  113. Ferdy Rusdiyono

    Arrived in mint condition with bubble wrap. Well taken care by seller. Thank you

  114. Kelvin

  115. Farhan

  116. Wen Chung Tay

  117. Ang Ding Neng

    Item well received! It was nicely wrapped and delivered extremely fast. Excited to try it out

  118. Jegaindran

  119. Alfian

  120. Nuryatie Ishak


  121. Sin

    Fast delivery with bubble wrap . Hope it works as advertised

  122. Roger Tan Tse Huang

    Very good packaging and comes with free micro fiber cloth too. Yet to try but hopefully it’s good. Fast shipping too. Thanks seller

  123. Ashley Huang

    Fast delivery!

  124. Lim De Sen

    Fast delivery highly recommended

  125. Lance Lau

    Items nicely bubble wrapped. Fast delivery. Thanks to the seller.

  126. Nick

    Well solid bubble pack..thank you

  127. Poh Leng

    Received but yet to try

  128. Zul

  129. Freddy Tan

    Well received but not yet tried

  130. Muhammad Danial akmal

    Received item just now 2 minute ago nice packaging

  131. Isaac

  132. Wanshima

  133. Alvin

    Item received in nicely packed

  134. Razid Mohd

  135. Vincent

  136. Jania Wu

  137. Razid Mohd

  138. James Kang

    Ordered on Sunday and came on Wednesday. Very prompt delivery and properly packed. Yet to try it out though.

    Image #1 from James Kang
  139. Terence Chang

  140. Aurelius Ong

  141. lee moa yeng

  142. Terence

    Works great. Easy to use

    Image #1 from Terence
  143. Punggol

    Very Good product! Buy with confidence!

  144. Rohaidi

    Trying out for the first time hope it works.

  145. J.Madiaz


  146. Darren

    Fast delivery. Product was packaged properly. Yet to try out product. Thanks seller👍

  147. Tay Yong Sheng Luke

  148. Jennifer Lim

    Comes well packed and quick
    Haven’t try yet

  149. Hendrix Liang

    Well packed and come with free cloth

    Image #1 from Hendrix Liang
  150. Gina

    Clean, smooth & shine.


  152. Ericniam

  153. Rudy Jaidi

  154. Faridah

    Come within 1 week. Come in good condition. No leak.

  155. Ahmad Hosaini Bin Noor

    Well packaged.

  156. Joeang

    Very fast delivery..👍

  157. Joyce Poon

    Received in good condition. It was wrapped with thick bubble wrap. Delivery was quite fast as well!

    Image #1 from Joyce Poon
  158. Gloria Chan

  159. Edith Chai

    Received in good condition and fast delivery, yet to try, hope it is good

    Image #1 from Edith Chai
  160. John Lee

  161. Angela Vo

  162. Jackchan

    Fast delivery and nice packing.thank you seller.


  164. Scott Lim

  165. Wendy Tan

  166. Samuel Chong

  167. Donericc

  168. Muhd Nasry

  169. Max

    First time using the products and ald loving it. Hope it will be good over the long run. Will definitely buy again.

  170. Yeo Fu Jie


    Well packed. But did not receive free cloth.

  172. Jeffrey

  173. Zulkiflee

  174. Vijay Kumar

    Received in gd condition. Have not tried. Will try and write my review.

  175. Alicia

    Can’t really tell if it works. But have applied to all around my car already. Hopefully less easily stained as my car is white.

    Image #1 from Alicia
  176. Jonathan Goh

    Received in good condition! Well packed and fast delivery! Thanks seller ☺️

  177. Shawn Chin wai chuin


  178. Chua Chap Huat

    Everthing look ok, only see how the result after apply???

  179. Alan koh

    Item received in good condition. This is the second time I bought from this seller. Thanks seller.

  180. Chin Chun Hou

  181. Soh Ruiyang

  182. Jun choong

    Fast efficient shipping

  183. Vincent Sim

  184. Julian Tan De Cai

  185. Celeste Darryl

    All the items are painstakingly wrapped up. Can feel the sellers care to ensure no leakage. Thanks!

    Image #1 from Celeste Darryl
  186. Five

    Item received well, well pack by bubble wrap.
    Received the free cloth as well.

  187. Francis Cheong Fock Thim

  188. Siraj

    Fast delivery and item came well packed and protected 👍🏼
    Hope it will work !

    Image #1 from Siraj
  189. SAM NG

    item received in good conditions.

  190. Muhammad Alfian Bin Roslan

  191. Yunus

  192. Simon Choo

  193. Regan Lee

  194. Gavin Low


  195. Ace Neo

  196. Mustafah

  197. Robert Quek

    Fast shipping and item is well packed👍

  198. Patterson Oo

    Quick delivery but yet to use it

  199. Lim De Sen

  200. Iskandar

  201. Jerry Tu

  202. Ng kheng han

    Good shiny no residue

  203. Victor Lai

    Very fast delivery, comes with a free cloth gift. Thanks a lot. Happy with purchase

    Image #1 from Victor Lai
  204. Alan koh

    Item received in good condition. This is the second time I bought cause is easy to use n with a great results. Thanks seller

  205. Lee Heng Wah

  206. Kathy Lim

    Order received. The item is well pack. Haven’t try so no comments for the effectiveness of the product.

  207. Juanda Ariffin

    Awesome product?!

  208. matthew

    Received via courier
    Well packed product
    Have not try yet hope good product
    Thank you seller

  209. Kh_elmira

  210. Seah Siew Boon

  211. Andy Ng

    Fast delivery. Well protected with bubble wrap to prevent damage from mishandling and transportation. 👍👍👍

  212. William

    I use cremic spray for my car and i like it a lot. You should try it last a long time for each coat.

  213. Ben Ong

    Print delivery and item nicely packed. Yet to try.

  214. tenny kwan

    Fast and excellent packaging! Thanks Seller

  215. Kaiwen

    Item received in good condition with good packaging! Hope it will work nicely and make the washing process better!

  216. Leonard Tan

  217. Jaime Ho

  218. Ash

    Item well packed and well received. Got it at cheap deal. Thanks seller!

  219. Salinah

    Received the item today.Received in good condition.Thank you seller.👍🏻😊

    Image #1 from Salinah
  220. Rovin Chin

  221. Derrick Low

    Item received within two weeks and was nicely pack. But yet to try so hope it work well.


  223. Gregdo Tay

  224. Alan koh

    Item received in good condition. Thanks seller. This is the 4th time I bought this product. After apply my car Paint is really smooth n shine.

    Image #1 from Alan koh
  225. Alan Tay

    Delivery abit slow but everything was well packed.Yet to try.

  226. Noor

    The item received with good packing and not yet used for result

  227. Andrew Khoo

  228. Yasser

    Item was bubble wrapped. Yet to try. Happy with the purchase……….

  229. ken kee

    Well pack in Bubble Wrap. Try it this morning on my car, initially was tough and fricition when applying on the surface but later was smooth and shining. Highly recommneded to all.

  230. Gerard Ong

  231. Chia Seng Peng

    Sparkle PRO well received, in good condition and well packaging 📦 will use it later, hope it work as per description Fast Delivery 👍🙏🙏

    Image #1 from Chia Seng Peng
  232. Trisca

  233. Chua Bernard

    Ordered item on 25/01/2022 and received on 29/01/2022, just in time for my CNY car polishing session. Will try out and review

    Image #1 from Chua Bernard
    Image #2 from Chua Bernard
    Image #3 from Chua Bernard
    Image #4 from Chua Bernard
    Image #5 from Chua Bernard
  234. Fendy Jaffar

  235. Abel Cham

  236. Mohamad Sani

    Product received in less than 3 days. Have not tested but definitely impressed with the prompt delivery.

    Image #1 from Mohamad Sani
  237. Mohamad Yusri

  238. Shaifful Saad

  239. Jonathan Lim Wee Kwang

    Item received in 6 days upon checkout. Have yet to try. Will review again

  240. Fazli

  241. Zakir Ariffin

    Delivered in 3 days after order by JnT. Yet to try it but hoping it works well like the reviews. Comes with free towel too. To say, it wprth the buy, worth the price! Thankyou seller!

    Image #1 from Zakir Ariffin
    Image #2 from Zakir Ariffin
  242. Jason Leong

    1st to arrive After Chinese New Year bought the previous brand was good. Can have about 20 good wash before needing to buy another one

    Image #1 from Jason Leong
  243. Francis dale

    Received quite fast despite cny period. Will try and see if at my next wash.

    Image #1 from Francis dale
  244. Edmund Toh

    Item delivered as described and delivery was fast. Well packed! Have yet to try hope its good!

    Image #1 from Edmund Toh
  245. Steven Lau

    Goods received in very good condition and comes in excellent packaging. Will try out this soon on the product.

    Image #1 from Steven Lau
  246. Shahri

    Fastest delivey

  247. Kuan joo Siong

    Item as per described and well packaged.
    Received with good condition.

    Image #1 from Kuan joo Siong
  248. ERIC NG

    Fast delivery.. 👍

  249. Eugene Hsu

    item received in good condition and the delivery was quite fast

  250. Francy Kwok

    Fast delivery.. thanks

  251. Rosni B. Mahmood

    Image #1 from Rosni B. Mahmood
  252. AJX

  253. ROHANI

    Fast delivery…cant comment good cos not trying yet

  254. Sani

    Very good

  255. Ben

    Quick and fast delivery thanks thanks recommended seller to buy

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  256. Lili

    Looks gd but have yet tried it.

  257. Angela

    Item received in good condition with a smooth and fast delivery. Will order when needed.

  258. Patrick Heng

  259. Williesim

    Fast delivery and received in good condition and a well packed bubble wrap.

    Image #1 from Williesim
  260. Png-Yap Kai Shen

    well packaged

  261. BOSCO

  262. Rahiman

  263. Iwan

  264. Kathleen Li

    Reasonable speed for delivery. Good product quality. Item as per picture. Great buy!

  265. Khidhir Hashim

    Item received quite fast. Yet to try on my car. Hope it works.

    Image #1 from Khidhir Hashim
  266. Darryl foong

  267. Andy

    Item received. Easy to collect from collection points near my house. Instructions at the back of the package, easy to understand.

  268. G K Mudaliar

  269. Thomas Tan

    Item very well packed. Fast delivery. Thanks

  270. Sugaen

  271. Koh Tiong Yoeng

    Prompt delivery within 3days, Good packaging and nicely wrapped with bubble pack, with a cap and a spray nozzle, yet to try, not sure if the coating application is easy as it stated

    Image #1 from Koh Tiong Yoeng
  272. Kenny

    Looks like it’s a good purchase… I haven’t use it yet.. but seems like it is very useful…

    Image #1 from Kenny
  273. Najibah

    Item delivered in good condition. It is placed in bubble wrapped.

    Image #1 from Najibah

    Result is very gd

  275. Raymond

  276. Yap

  277. Desmond Lim

  278. Sam chan

  279. Salinah

    Received the item today.Received in good condition.Thank you so much seller for the fast delivery.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊

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  280. Joe lim

  281. Joseph Lourdesamy

    Great packaging. I like the unique bubble wrap. Waiting to try it and hope it is as easy to use as described and hope it works!

    Image #1 from Joseph Lourdesamy
    Image #2 from Joseph Lourdesamy
  282. Rohan

    Quick and fast delivery yet to use but product looks nice

    Image #1 from Rohan
  283. Fion

    Fast delivery. Received within 3 days. Have not tried yet. Hopefully it works.

  284. Felicia tan

  285. Kenitan

    Received the product, box is damaged despite it being placed within a airbag

    Image #1 from Kenitan
  286. Ng Wei Jie

  287. AzMaNo

    Tested and loving it. Very easy to apply. It gives ur car a smooth feel and shiny. Can last 3 weeks and got to re-apply. Maybe can last longer if doesnt rain so much

  288. Sheeda Bahrom

  289. Bert Ooi

  290. Ejann

  291. Cecilia Pek

  292. Carrin Chua

  293. Leow Kai Lai

  294. Mohammad Ibnu Jagad Bin Mozerin

  295. Leong Kin Wai

    Item received fast shipping and in very good packaging condition, great buy..

    Image #1 from Leong Kin Wai
  296. Felly

    I followed the instruction; which is applying with microfibre cloth; but it doesnt work as effectively as i thought it would be.

  297. Song Ying Keong

    Item received fast and bubble wrapped securely by seller

  298. Allen Tan

  299. Tan Seng Lee

    Read the review and thought I can and should give it a try. Hope it help to protect the shine and against the weather, dust and chips etc. fast delivery. Great packing, no leak.

    Image #1 from Tan Seng Lee
    Image #2 from Tan Seng Lee
    Image #3 from Tan Seng Lee
    Image #4 from Tan Seng Lee
    Image #5 from Tan Seng Lee
  300. Jon Lai

    So shiny I no longer need a mirror

  301. Tan poh loong

    Not yet use dunno the result

  302. Kelvin Lim

  303. Sharon

    Arrived fast, packaged nicely and in good condition, thanks for the product!!

  304. Lawrence Keh

    Thanks for the prompt delivery. Use it and the product is good.

  305. Soon Zhao Hui

    Good product, just got it and used. Love the finishing it gives.

  306. Wong Say Chin

  307. Alfred Chan


  308. Patrick tan

    Delivery fast and packing great. No leakage. Will need to try before further comment .

    Image #1 from Patrick tan
    Image #2 from Patrick tan
  309. Chew Zhi Sheng

  310. Calvin ong

    Items received in good packaging and condition. Thanks

    Image #1 from Calvin ong
  311. Pauline Lee

    Arrived within two days of order. 👍🏼
    Have yet to use… will try soon. Thank you

  312. Bryan

    Item received in good condition and delivery was very fast and good

  313. Lis

  314. Tan yung an

    Receive in very good packaging 👍

    Image #1 from Tan yung an

    Product received with good condition. Thank you very much.

    Image #1 from NG LI SER FIONA
    Image #2 from NG LI SER FIONA
  316. Ng yu shao

    Fast delivery yet to try product!! Hope this will be easy to apply and fuss free! If this works will definitely get more from the company!! Hope it will work as good as the normal ceramic coating that is applied on an even basis. Thanks for the quick delivery!!!!

  317. Tho Sai Kin

  318. Zuwardi Selamat

  319. Raymond Teo

    Not sure how is it. Yet to try it. Contacted the seller and the response was quick.

  320. Henry Kho

    Box was damaged but yet to be use.

  321. Pauline Phua

    Received in good condition. Yet to test. Hope it works well.


    Very good

  323. Jason Ng

    Supper fast delivery👍🏻

  324. Roseanne

    The product item delivery came within three days. Good buy.

  325. Sky Ong

  326. koh

    Fast delivery. Great packaging.

  327. chin kok keong

    just received mine today. really fast delivery.gonna try soon

    Image #1 from chin kok keong
  328. Salinah

    Received the item in good condition.Thank you seller for the fast delivery.Will purchase again next time.👍🏻👍🏻😊😊

    Image #1 from Salinah
  329. Aaron

    Ok. Good.

  330. Haikal

    Fast delivery and well packed

  331. Ben Lee

  332. Ling hui ching

    Fast delivery. Received on 4thapr2022. Havent try.

  333. Ray

    Nice pack..great seller.

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  334. Mohd Faiz

  335. Soon Zhao Hui

  336. Mike Chang

  337. Matthew Chan

    Well packed, no leak, fast delivery. Comes with a microfibres cloth. Well done!

    Image #1 from Matthew Chan
    Image #2 from Matthew Chan
  338. Kenny Lim

  339. Michell Yim

    Items received in good condition and fast delivery, hope it works ,thank you !

    Image #1 from Michell Yim
    Image #2 from Michell Yim
    Image #3 from Michell Yim
  340. Alan koh

    Item received in good condition, Thanks seller. This is the 4th time I bought from this seller cos this product really works.


    Fast delivery, yet to use the product, the price is reasonable.

  342. Sharon T

    Well packed. Thank you

  343. Teo Yes Pur

    Good product 👍👍👍

  344. Lim Chen Kiang

  345. NG BENG HWA


  347. Jong Yon How

  348. Nancy Phua

    Fast delivery. Nicely packed. Hopefully it is good to use & effective.

  349. Kiko Lee

  350. Shakinah

  351. Muhammad Khidhir bin Azmi

  352. Toh Kok Soon

  353. Danny Lai

    Very fast & good delivery man

  354. KK Lo

  355. Chalinee

    Image #1 from Chalinee
  356. TAN YOU REN

  357. Iswandy

  358. Koh weihong

    Happy with product. Will buy again when finish. Much better then rain x

  359. Andrew CHUA

    Item was well packed, and delivery was really fast.
    Happy with the product!

  360. Roslee bin md rais

  361. Vincent wan

  362. Khairul Juffri

  363. Tingting

    Item received as described, will buy from user again!!!!!!!

  364. Azhar

    Fast delivery and item seems to work well.

  365. Yeo Chee kiong

  366. Alex

    Goods received in good condition Will recommend to my friends and family

    Image #1 from Alex
  367. Yeo kee ming

  368. Rachel Ng

    Fast delivery in 2 days
    Product good and effective.
    Car really shine like new.

    Image #1 from Rachel Ng
    Image #2 from Rachel Ng
    Image #3 from Rachel Ng
    Image #4 from Rachel Ng
    Image #5 from Rachel Ng
  369. Tan Jian Wen

    Took 1 week to receive the item. Hope the product is good.

  370. CALVIN OO

    Very responsible seller. Resend me the nozzle spray due to 1st spray is faulty. Thank you.

    Image #1 from CALVIN OO
    Image #2 from CALVIN OO
    Image #3 from CALVIN OO
  371. Johnson ng

    Packing is good

    Image #1 from Johnson ng
  372. Lois Ong

  373. Soon Jiunn Yann

    Product well received, it is well protected with all angle bubble wrap, although the box dented abit but it does not affect the actual product inside, cannot wait to try it on my car!

    Image #1 from Soon Jiunn Yann
    Image #2 from Soon Jiunn Yann
    Image #3 from Soon Jiunn Yann
    Image #4 from Soon Jiunn Yann
  374. Mohd Afif

  375. Chloe Loo

    packaging was great . delievery was very fast! recommended to buy.

  376. Zan Kwa

    Received in good condition. Very fast delivery. Heard many good reviews, hope it’s work as advertised.

    Image #1 from Zan Kwa
  377. Roy Lee


  379. Delvin Lee

  380. Lee Tiong Keng

    Item received today but nv try.

  381. Khairi

  382. April sim

    Package well pack. Hope is good.

  383. Lewis Lee

    ITE receive well pack and will try over the weekend.

  384. Syakir

    Fast delivery!

  385. Siti Raudah

    Item well received ..


    Nice 1 shining after apply good product will recommend friend to buy and also fast delivery 2days only

    Image #1 from KWEK SER PHENG
    Image #2 from KWEK SER PHENG
  387. Zakir Ariffin

  388. Vincent Ong

  389. c k tan

    Very happy and really what I see on demo and what result in your car,perfect
    Must buy

  390. Justin sim

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 cm
All items will be shipped using door to door delivery like Qxpress Delivery & Ninja Van in Singapore.

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