Car Battery Jump Starter 30000mAH for 12VDC

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Problem / Scenario:

✅ Have you ever forgotten to turn off your car head lights in the night, only to realize it in the morning and the battery is flat and car cannot start?

✅ With this slim portable car battery jump starter, you will be able to recover quickly without activating neighbors or close friends to jump start with their cars.

✅ Simply plug in a fully charged jump starter and you can start your car engine quickly. Then leave your car running for half an hour to charge your car battery while you can remove the jump starter.

✅ You could drive your car to the nearest work shop to check and replace the battery if needed.

✅ If you car battery is relatively new, most likely the 30 minutes engine running will help to recharge and there is no need to replace the car battery.

✅ You get quick recovery and save money.

Product Features

⭐ 30000mah large capacity for 12V vehicles jump start. Support to use about 30 times for max 4.0L 12V vehicle.

⭐ Wide range of applications, for various 12V car, cell phones, MP3/MP4, Tablet, Laptop, etc.

⭐ 5V 2A USB Output, with 3 kinds of interface, for smartphone and other devices charging.

⭐ Built-in a flashlight. Convenient to use when in emergency or at night.

⭐ When charging, indicator lights will flash. The number of bar indicator lights indicates the battery status of the charger.

⭐ DO Interface. Prevent mistakenly connection.

⭐ Heat/cold resistant. It can be used in most weather condition.

Product Specification

✅ Name: Car Jump Starter

✅ Model: D69473

✅ Input: 12V 1A

✅ Output: 5V 2A

✅ Color: White

✅ Capacity: 30000mAh

✅ Dimension: 13 x 8 x 2.5cm

Package Include

⭐ 1 x Car Jump Starter

⭐ 1 x Clamp Set (2 in 1)

⭐ 1 x USB Charging Cable (3 in 1)

⭐ 1 x Power Adapter

⭐ 1 x User Manual

*** Please note the Car Adapter is not included in this model (K9).

Please note Car Adapter is not include in this model (K9):

154 reviews for Car Battery Jump Starter 30000mAH for 12VDC

  1. Fahshan

  2. Silah

  3. Hardi

  4. Steven Lee

  5. Azahar

  6. Radhiah Aziz


    Works exactly like a jumpstarter should. My bike has been dead for over a week. Bought this jumpstarter and my bike is as good as new. Good to have this in case my bike dies again.

  7. Bryan

    Quality:Looks ok
    Suitability:China pin plug… luckily i have adaptor
    Performance:Charging now, hope it works

  8. Jeremy Cheong

  9. Irfan

  10. Elfin Bin Eunos

  11. Daniel Yong

  12. Gad Tan

    Buy this product for first time and yet to test

  13. Bashiruddeen

  14. Daniel Koh

  15. Jason

    Fast delivery.

  16. Sean Lek

    Bought the 30000mah jump starter powerbank for cold starting bike battery.

  17. MD Ramzan Bin Lumri

    Thank u for the fast delivery. Quality good. Not try it yet. Standby for my car battery weak

  18. Mohamed Azlee Abdullah

    Received in good order…great product..

  19. GMM Technoworld Pte Ltd


    Received as listed and describe. Fast delivery.

  20. Zulkafli

  21. Amirrul

  22. Stanley

    Very good

  23. Alan

  24. Nazrul Rahman

  25. Kee

    Item received in order. Item as requested. Thank you very much.

  26. Salmah msroom

  27. Ernest Ng

    Suitability:Light and Compact
    Performance:Not Tried
    Quality:Good Built

    Love the way the seller packs his product, well treated and protected during delivery. Overall the quality of the product is legit and well built. Have not tried using it to start the vehicle and hope this serves more of a power bank than an emergency starter “touch wood” pls dont.

  28. Nicholas

    Fast delivery time well received and well packed. Thank you 😊

  29. Chong Wei Yee

  30. Md Zulkarnaen Bin Mostafah

  31. Hisam

  32. Avril

    Item was delivered very promptly and wrapped securely in good condition. Yet to try.

  33. Riduan


    Received as described. Thanks


  36. Mohammed Nazir

    Quality:yet to try
    Suitability:yet to try
    Performance:yet to try

    Item received in good condition and delivery was ok. Thank you. Will order again

  37. Fei


    ell received. Price is cheap and acceptable. Yet to use hope it last long

  38. Alvin aiw

  39. Mohd Klazick

    Cant turn on

  40. Michelle Koh

    Performance:Not tested yet
    Quality:Looks okay

    Everything look okay for the price paid. Buy for standby only.

  41. Dzul Adly

  42. Edmond

    Performance:not yet try
    Quality:looks good
    Suitability:yet to try, only issue there are no bags to hold the items.

    The items was very well packed with bubble wrap. The items look robust but hope the powerbank do not drain out fast. Will try with charging HP then will comments again if items found to be bad. Thanks seller for sending fast.

  43. Marlina Sabtu

    The items received are well protected

  44. Saiful Naim

  45. Aiman Husin

  46. Matt


    Received in good condition with good packing thank to seller.

  47. Muhammad Sufian Zaina

  48. MN

    Items a described! Highly recommended seller! Good quality!

  49. ryan lee

    Performance:as expected

    bought to jumpstart my car after i forgot to off the parking lights by accident. took about 3 days to arrive. if urgent then need to look elsewhere. managed to jumpstart at 2nd try. think it was bcos i need to locate the correct +ve and -ve terminals on my merc. for future emergency too.

  50. Koh tsu yi (andrew koh)

  51. Muhammad Faizal Bin Zailani

  52. muhammad rohaizad

  53. Wong Khee Choong

  54. Nur Afiq

  55. Mizi

  56. Zhang Deliang

  57. Ng Khin Hua

  58. Gabriel Goh

  59. Muhammad Shahid

  60. Jason Lim

  61. Alexander Cheu

    Image #1 from Alexander Cheu
  62. Md Yusri

    Have not try yet.

  63. Maria Binte Selamat

  64. Chow Jun Yi

    Suitability:very good
    Performance:very good
    Quality:very good

    Item pack nicely. Thank you very much

    Image #1 from Chow Jun Yi
  65. Chua Wei Kiat

  66. Irwin Shah

    Fast and efficient! Prompt delivery. Item is as described. Thumbs up for seller.

    Image #1 from Irwin Shah
  67. Sin Chin Tiong

  68. Azhar Mamat

  69. Tanbh

  70. Mike

    Product received in good condition. Tested the led light, it is working fine. Yet to test the jumper starter, bought for standby.

    Image #1 from Mike
    Image #2 from Mike
    Image #3 from Mike
    Image #4 from Mike
  71. Jared Ong

    No reason to test it. But looks legit. Only downside is that the charger for it is the heavy duty kind. And not using USB cable. Plus the manual says got car adapter but was not given any.

    Image #1 from Jared Ong
  72. Ivan Khoo

  73. Ben Ng

  74. Rzany

  75. Tan N K

    Performance:not tested yet. Missing car adaptor
    Suitability:yet to be tested

    Missing car adaptor in packaging. Yet to be tested.

    Image #1 from Tan N K
  76. L******g

    Has put this a backup in my car.

    Image #1 from L******g
  77. Mohd Klazick

    Item received in good condition on 2nd attempt.

  78. Shirley Koh

    Item was true to picture and the description, my dad was quite happy with it so should be good and got it discounted too:)

    Image #1 from Shirley Koh
  79. John Lian

  80. Abdul Wahab

  81. Jeffrey

  82. MK Hezan

    Product received in good condition. The power bank function works OK. Yet to test the jump start.

    Image #1 from MK Hezan
  83. Yvonne

    Bought on flash deal in 12.12 and received on 14th afternoon. There was 3/4 battery capacity left and we quickly charged full to jumpstart our car to drive over workshop for battery replacement

    Image #1 from Yvonne
    Image #2 from Yvonne
  84. Asyiq

    Well Received . Packaging comes with bubble wrap. Fast and to try

    Image #1 from Asyiq
  85. md lutfir rahman

  86. Eng Ling Chun

  87. Ahmad Danial

  88. Nasrullah

  89. Kekijan

  90. hussin


    very fast delivery items received in good order. thank you

    Image #1 from hussin
  91. Mohamed Loknan

    Thank you seller item received in good conditions… Bought base on previous reviewers feedback. Hope it will last.. 🙂

  92. Chye Huat, Edwin Leow

    Performance:yet to use.

    Missing 1 car cable (from car slot to the car jumper batt.) Not sure it come with it or the printing error.

    Packing of the package is super good ya… the protection wrap round the package!

    Overall seen Ok.

  93. Tran Chi Trung

    Image #1 from Tran Chi Trung
  94. Daphine Ng

    Bought to keep, have fully charged for just in case. Not yet about the quality yet.

  95. Mohammad Suwadi Bin Zainal

  96. Sean Lek

    Repeat purchase of the car battery jump starter. Quality is ok, except one charger is not working.

    Image #1 from Sean Lek


    Super fast delivery. All seems ok. Thank u seller!

    Image #1 from MUHAMMAD
  98. Mohammed Naeem Bin Shahar

    Performance:very good
    Quality:very good
    Suitability:very good

    Fast delivery. Bubble wrap!!! Thumbs up to seller. Highly recommended. Item perfectly work!

    Image #1 from Mohammed Naeem Bin Shahar
    Image #2 from Mohammed Naeem Bin Shahar
  99. Lurfah Iahkira


    Fast delivery look good yet to try hopefully it can last long. Thanks

    Image #1 from Lurfah Iahkira
  100. Syed Mohd Khalid

    Fast delivery

  101. Ridwan bin shamsurie

  102. Mosran B Hassan

  103. Wintan Goh

  104. Chua Hong Huat,richard

  105. Julie

  106. Tan Kheng soon

  107. Adilah

    Good performance. Good quality. Good suitability. Goood.

    Image #1 from Adilah
  108. Mimi

    Performance:have not try yet

    Bought for my husband. He likes it since friends had recommended it to him for his motorcycle. Keep for emergency.

  109. TOR YI JIE


    Small and portable car jump starter. Recommended by a friend – good!

  110. Dawson Tan

    items received in good conditions. very fast delivery. will buy again.

  111. Edwin Chua

  112. AG.ALIAS

    Cannot be used on 1st attempt to jump start car. Faulty unit.

  113. Aik Chuan

    👍🏻 looks great

  114. Di Islin Isa

    Performance:Have yet to try. Batt just died and replaced with a Googled mechanic – didnt want it to happen again to be caught unawares. This is to help myself if on road and batt dies unexpectedly.

    Image #1 from Di Islin Isa
  115. Tony Stark

  116. Gabriel Leong

    Performance:Not yet try
    Quality:ok, light weight

    Items received in good condition. Nicely sealed and packed with bubble wrap.

    Battery pack itself weigh light for a 30000mAh.

    Yet to try on the product. Hope it doest work.

    Image #1 from Gabriel Leong
    Image #2 from Gabriel Leong
    Image #3 from Gabriel Leong
    Image #4 from Gabriel Leong
  117. Lennie Chua

    Item received as described. Fast shipping.. recommended.

    Image #1 from Lennie Chua
  118. Aishah Muhamad

    Image #1 from Aishah Muhamad
  119. Ernest Liew

    Performance:to find out
    Suitability:to find out

    Received, nicely wrapped and protected. Charging now, standby for emergency only, hope won’t need to use (aka car battery won’t fail me 😂)

    Also hope battery won’t self drain till flat when really needed 🫣🫢😂

    Image #1 from Ernest Liew
    Image #2 from Ernest Liew
    Image #3 from Ernest Liew
  120. Mariam Aziz

    Performance:Yet to try
    Quality:Looks good.

    Delivery was super fast. Only took 2 days. All items are provided with the brochure as referral. Basically happy with the purchase except for the 2 pin plug which is troublesome coz need to have the universal adaptor. Otherwise all is good.

    Image #1 from Mariam Aziz
    Image #2 from Mariam Aziz
    Image #3 from Mariam Aziz
    Image #4 from Mariam Aziz
    Image #5 from Mariam Aziz
  121. Khair

    Item received in good packaging and fast. Will buy again.

    Image #1 from Khair
  122. Paul Lee

  123. Eldrin Mikael

  124. Adams

    Performance:Working Conditions
    Quality:Reliable and Easy to Use
    Suitability:Most 12V Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

  125. Lee Hsin Khan

  126. Louis Phoa

  127. DeeDee

    Image #1 from DeeDee
  128. Charles Chung


    The packaging is super good highly recommend this seller

  129. HirmanKamal


    Item receive very fast.was well package with bubble wrap and yet to try it out

    Image #1 from HirmanKamal
    Image #2 from HirmanKamal
  130. Jalil

  131. Jason Ong

  132. Raymond Wong


    Useful item. Good packaging & fast delivery. Solid product

    Image #1 from Raymond Wong
    Image #2 from Raymond Wong
    Image #3 from Raymond Wong
    Image #4 from Raymond Wong
    Image #5 from Raymond Wong
  133. C*e

  134. Alan Yeo


    fast delivery come with bubble wrap, no damage and dented

  135. Micheal Angelo

    Item received. Thanks to seller for the good protection on item.

    Image #1 from Micheal Angelo
  136. Ryan

  137. Tan lye wah

  138. Espen

  139. Lengkeong

  140. Admen

  141. Razali Barik

  142. Cher Heng Choi

    Item received in good condition thank you seller Will buy again

    Image #1 from Cher Heng Choi
  143. Redzuan Y

    Fast delivery and nicely packed.. look awesome but yet to use..

  144. Naz


  146. Jimmy lim

    Item received. Well packed in bubble wrap. Thanks seller for fast delivery.

    Image #1 from Jimmy lim
  147. Shazran Amran

  148. Paul Teo


    Image #1 from Paul Teo
  149. Tay


    Fast delivery. Received in good condition. Thank you seller

    Image #1 from Tay

  151. Alvin Chiam

  152. Roger sng


  154. Amat

    Suitability:ok good item received awsome great resulttry on my scootermotorcycle and it straight away started the engine

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