Product Description

Digital car breakdown sign that provides warning signage during day and night.

During day time, the bright red colour is visible from far, while during night time, the high brightness COB LED lights provide high warning visibility form a far distance.



Technical Specifications

Full Part List

2 sizes to choose from: Standard and Mini models.


User Manual

Operation Modes

There are 4 mode of operations:
1) Warning Mode – Provides warning signage to alert other car drivers to divert from the breakdown car.

2) Emergency Mode – Show emergency signage to alert other car drivers that you need urgent help.

3) Torch Light Mode – Allows you to use the gadget as a touch ligh for illumination to far distance.

4) Repair Light Mode – This provide bright wide light to allow you to see clearly during the car repair or tire change. In addition, this mode can serve as usage for non-emergency purpose such as for camping lights, for searching lights, etc.

How To Use?

The digital breakdown sign should be placed 100m to 200m away from the breakdown car.  This will allow other road users to see the breakdown sign from far and provide a safe distance from the breakdown car.


Use In the Night Time

During night time, set the mode to either warning or emergency mode so that the blinking light will help to alert other road users of the breakdown and divert their driving direction.


Battery Charging

The digital breakdown sign has an internal battery of 6400mAh which will last from 7 to 9 hours of usage if fully charged.  To charge, you can use the USB port for charging, or you can also use the solar panel to use sunlight for charging.  The solar panel charging is useful for car breakdown during day time and the battery will be self-charged under the sunlight.  In addition, you can use the digital breakdown sign to charge you mobile phone as well.




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