Product Description

DIY car polisher is used for waxing and polishing the car to get the shine surface which also provide protection on the car surface with the wax.  It is powered by the car cigar slot (12Vdc) and has a 5m long cable length to ensure you can reach every area of your car.  2 types of polishing fibre clothes are provided: wax and shine.  Wax cloth is to use for waxing and polishing, while shine is use to get the finishing shine touch after removing the excess wax.


Technical Specifications

Technical NameSpecification
Product ID2047
Motor Speed1500 rpm
Cable Length5m
Warranty3 Months


Full Part List

Package comes with a car polisher (5 m cable length) and 2 polishing fibre clothes (wax and shine).


Optional Part For Purchase

You can purchase additional polishing clothes which comes in one set.  One set comprises of one wax cloth and one shine cloth (or polish).



You can also purchase a power convertor that converts 220Vac to 12Vdc.  This is used at home, where ou can connect the polisher to polish other house hold items, such as floor, shoes, etc.


User Manual

How To Install?


Video Demo

Check out the video on installation:

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