Product Description

The traditional way of car washing requires a lot of time and resources.
Are you looking for a more efficient way to wash your car?
This Cordless High Pressure Car Washing Gun is a perfect choice for you!
It’s powered by the lithium-ion battery and you no longer need to go around to look for water point. Simply place the hose into a water source like a pail of water or a water pond and you are good to go.

Technical Specifications

Technical NameSpecification
Product ID2042
Water Flow3.0 L/min
Water Pressure0.9 MPa
Motor Speed3100 to 3300 rpm
Warranty3 Months

Full Part List (Standard Package)

Optional Part List

There are accessories that you can purchased separately for various uses.

The 45 degree gun is for easy washing of the car roof top or the under carriage.  The 45 angle allows easy reach to these usually difficult to reach places.

User Manual

Congratulation on your purchase of this product.

The first thing is to charge the battery so that you can start using.

Battery Charging

You can do a quick test on the battery before inserting the battery to the gun.  Press the button on the button and you can see there are 3 indicator lights to show the battery strength.  The 3 levels are:

  • Empty
  • Half Full
  • Full

If the battery is already full, you can proceed to use it.  Otherwise charge the battery.

Connect the battery to the gun and start to charge.  The charger will show red colour during charging, and will turn to green colour once it is fully charge.

Note: The indicator light on the battery will not light up during charging.  Only the gun charger light will light up.

How To Use?


Frequently Ask Questions

1) Why there is water inside the gun when I first use it?

The product is factory tested with water twice to ensure it is functioning correctly.  You will find some water trace still remains in the gun when you first use it.  Please do not be alarm and do not misunderstand that this is a used product.  We tried to ensure the product is in good quality by doing the double test so that you can have a functional product.

2) Can I test the car wash pressure gun without water?

The car wash pressure gun will not work without water.  Even if you pour water into the gun or internal pipe, it will still not work.  The only way to test it is to connect up all the hoses and gun, then use a pail of water to test.

3) When I first use the gun, there is a loud irregular noise that comes out from the gun?

This is a normal observation and the noise comes from air bubbles that are trapped in the gun during our factory test.  If you face this situation, just continue to run the gun to clear up all the trapped air bubbles.  Once the air bubbles are cleared, the irregular noise will go away and the gun should run in a smooth manner.

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