Product Description

Windscreen sunshade with reflective aluminum film for sunlight protection.  Automatic retractable sunshade so it takes only 3 seconds to protect your car and collapse quickly without obstruction to your view.


Technical Specifications

Technical NameSpecifications
Product ID2027
Shade (Inner)Polyester Woven Fabric
Shade (Outer)Reflective Aluminum Film
Support FrameABS Resin Material
Height70cm or 80cm
Warranty7 Days


Full Part List

The full part list consist of the sun shade and the accessories below:

1x Sun Shade (Retractable)


2x Sets of Vacuum Suction Pads with Lock


1x Set of Simple Suction Pad (Bottom View)

This is the same Simple Suction Pad (Side View). There is only one set of simple suction pad provided.

User Manual

Measure The Sunshade Height

To ensure the sunshade can fit nicely in your car, first measure the sun shade height by estimating it from outside the car.  Once the height is measured, if it is too long, just trim it by cutting away the excess.  You are ready to install it.




Demonstration Video

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