Simplified Car Wash With Pressurized Magic Hose And Spray Gun

Everyone loves to have clean and shiny car.  However, doing car wash can be tiring if you do not have the proper and efficient way to do it.

We would like to introduce Magic Hose with Spray Gun that will help to simplified and make your car wash super efficient.


What is Magic Hose?

Magic hose is a pressurized hose that is made of TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) material that allows it to be compressed when water is flowing through it, thereby creating higher pressure and provide a better water spray with the increased pressure.  In addition, this special material allows the hose to be extended in length when water flows in and contract in length when water is drawn out.  This allows the hose to be shorter in length, usually about 3 times of the full length and make it easy to organise in storage.  The hose will expand when water flows in (extend about 3 times the length).  This is why this hose is also known as Magic Hose.  Using together with a multiple angle spray gun, this create a pressurized car wash spray gun with multiple spray patterns allowing it to wash car in the most efficient way.  In addition to car wash, you can also use this Magic Hose to wash floor tiles, air conditioner compressor box, toilets and in gardening.


Technical Specifications


Full Part List

The full part list will depend on what hose length options you have purchased.


User Manual

Fixing Up

Connect the gun, hose and the water fittings to the water tap.


Press on the trigger to eject the water. Use the latch to lock the trigger so that you can keep the water flowing.


You can adjust the shape of the spray water by turning the nozzle at the gun tip.


Extendable Hose Length

The hose length is extendable when water starts to flow in.

The hose length collapse back to normal once water stop flowing.  This make the hose very compact for storage.


Can The Hose Fit All Types of Water Taps?

The product comes with multiple size water fittings to cater to various water tap with different tap sizes.  While it is able to cater to many types of tap fitting sizes, it may not be able to cater to every sizes.  An illustration is shown below how to use the various fitting adapters provided.

This is the standard water fitting adapter provided. It is assembled. This can be disassembled to various fitting sizes.

The fitting adapter can be disassembled, it shows various fittings that can connect to different water tap size.

Fittings to fit different water tap sizes.

Fittings to fit different water tap sizes.


Below is an example of fitting to an existing water tap at home.



Special Note

Please note that the TPE hose is extendable type.  It is able to extend to 3 times its physical length.  For 2.5m hose, it will extend to 7.5m when water flows in.  5m hose will extend to 15m.

The extendable feature make the hose magical, as it is compact for easy storage.


Video Demonstration

1) How To Install & Use?

In this video, you will see how to use the fitting adapter to fit into a standard water tap.  You will also see how the hose extend when water is filled and how to adjust the gun nozzle.



2) How To Dismantle The Hose & Gun Properly? (Without Getting Yourself Wet)

This is an important video to show you the proper way to dismantle the hose and gun when it is filled with water.  There is considerable pressure in the hose and if you do not remove the filled water and dismantle the hose, water will splash out and you will get wet.  Follow the procedure below and you will not get wet.


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